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Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder

This online app is an easy to use screen recorder that allows you to record your screen directly from your browser.

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How to screen record?

  1. If you refresh or close this web app before saving your recording, it will be lost.
  2. If planning to record for a long period of time, first test recording for the estimated length of the time on the device you plan to use.
  3. First click the screen button to share your screen.
  4. Select if you want to record the whole screen or a specific window.
  5. To start recording, click the record button. The recording will start 3 seconds after you press the button.
  6. To stop recording, click the stop button.
  7. To playback your recording, click the play button.
  8. To save the screen recording, click the save button. A MP4 file will be saved to your device.


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